09 Oktober 2010

Derek Rigg Pencipta Eddie Head

Derek Riggs (lahir 13 Februari 1958 di Portsmouth, United Kingdom) adalah seorang seniman Inggeris kontemporari terkenal untuk mencipta maskot muzik heavy metal Iron Maiden's, "Eddie Head". website peribadi beliau dan portfolio online dapat dilihat di http://www.derekriggs.com. Sebuah buku karya seninya juga boleh dibeli dari kedai website nya dan juga dari www.amazon.com. Hal ini berjudul "Run For Cover, The Art of Derek Riggs".

Run For Cover: The Art Of Derek Riggs is a full color explosion of Eddie in your face. Iron Maiden’s beloved neon monster is the most beloved and recognized character rock ‘n’ roll has ever witnessed. And in Iron Maiden lore, Eddie has been there from the beginning, helping make Maiden the juggernaut they have become.
In Run For Cover, heavy metal’s preeminent book man Martin Popoff coaxes the life story out of Eddie’s reclusive creator.
But Run For Cover doesn’t stop there. We also see Derek’s work before Maiden, as well as his art for the likes of Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, all the while Derek explaining the often esoteric meanings behind the art, his techniques, as well as the battles with his health that have often threatened to grind his output to a halt.
Run For Cover is presented as a 180 page, full color, large format, top quality art book, sporting approximately 200 graphics, some unpublished, some unfinished, many pristine originals from the Iron Maiden vaults. In addition, Riggs has painted a stunning new Eddie to grace the cover.

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