11 April 2009


Emerica’s Design-a-3 contest is YOUR opportunity to tell them how they’ve been blowing it, by designing your own kick-ass version of the Reynolds 3! Design it any way you’d like, and they will personally sift through all of the entries and choose the one they like best. The winner will be bestowed with a year's supply (12 pairs) of the Reynolds 3 that they created, and the shoe will be produced as a limited-edition design in a future Emerica line-up with credit to the aspiring designer. Don’t miss your chance to scratch your name in Emerican history! Just download the Illustrator template or the jpg and mess with it in Illustrator, Photoshop (or any similar program) and enter it in the form below. (File size limit: 4 MB.) You can also print the template and draw / color on it. The deadline is May 5, 2009.

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