20 Mac 2011

Harapan [HOPE] Untuk Jepun Dari Penggiat Manga

Calling all artists who want to do their part in aiding Japan through their post-earthquake crisis! 

Part of the Pray for Japan Charity Sale (details to be announced later), Harapan//Hope is a manga-influenced artbook and exhibition project planned to raise funds for Japan. We want you and your artwork to be a part of this operation!

Submissions will be compiled into a doujin-style, A5-sized book for sale, as well as displayed in an exhibition where visitors can donate towards the relief efforts. All proceeds from the project will go to a charitable organization (to be confirmed) in order to help buy food, water, shelter and other necessities for the thousands of lives affected by the devastating earthquake. We’re also planning to send a number of the artbook to Japan and the Japan Cartoonist Society as a symbol of our support.

At the moment, well-known artists such as C2V (Gengkey, Ah Beng etc.) and Tan Eng Huat (Thor, Batman, etc.) have already signed up to be part of this project, with many more to come! What’re you waiting for? Take up your pen (or pencil or stylus) and draw, for Japan!

More details will be announced as time pass—we’re confirming the venue of the exhibition and looking for a charitable foundation to channel the funds to. 

* Artworks submitted are preferably of manga and anime characters to show support for Japan
* Black/White only. No colour.
* Canvas size must be 2480px X 3508px // 21cm X 29.7cm in 300 dpi in either landscape or portrait.
* Comments/words can be placed within artwork.
* Keep in mind your artwork will be sold publicly, so respect your art and yourself.
* In return, please provide us details regarding your art site or online contacts. All credits goes to the artist.
* Send all submissions to cf.illustration@gmail.com

Submission Deadline: 26-3-2011

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